Emily is a 25 year old art graduate who studied at University of the Arts London. Her work focusses on the extremes of belief and religion in a post modern society, and works with the tropes of big industry and wellness culture in a darkly humorous and critical way. Themes of consumerist culture and sincerity play a big part in her work, whilst she also takes inspiration from artists such as Shana Moulton and Shilpa Gupta as well as public figures such as Elizabeth Holmes and Steve Jobs.


"A huge part of my practice has come from the frustration I feel at systems of belief, be this religious, political, spiritual, etc. being something which has become over complicated and overshadowed by big industry rather than individual integrity. Though living in a freer and ‘more liberated’ time than ever before, we still seem at the mercy of pretty packaging and advertisement even to the extent of absurdity... I'm personally so guilty this it myself.


My aim isn't to be politically or socially aggravating, but rather to play with some of these weird themes, amuse people and also kind of creep them out as to some of the uncomfortable truths they bring up."