Proposal 'Objects' provided by Insincerenity Inc. for events and viewers. Digital collage.


To prove your worth bring these things home with you

The Strongest Tote Bag There'll Ever Be, Full Of Essential And Helpful Things (2020)

Organic Cotton

30inch by 20inch

The Most Hydrating Water Bottle You’ll Ever Drink From

 100% Recycle Coconut Shavings For All Your ‘Good Fat’ Needs (2020)

15inch by 4inch circ

The Most Unbreakable Mug  You’ll Ever Hold


Unlike Severess, You Cant Die From This One (2020)

5inch by 4inch circ

The Comfiest T’shirt You’ll Ever Wear 

100% Organic Bamboo

One Size Really Does('nt) Fit All  (2020)


TeddyCam Bear

We Watch So You Don't Have To (2020)



In the car, at the park... We wont judge. (2020) 


What's Sweeter Than That? (2020)

Laniard and Identity Card

For Our Records And Your... What Was That? 


2inch by 3inch

Emily Clara Aukland

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